Scientific Name
Withania somnifera,
Sowing Time
prepare nursery in the month of June-July
Seed Rate
5 to 12kg/ha
Fertilizer Application
Application of 40kg of N and P per ha are sufficient and about 4-8 tonnes of farm yard manure per acre.
Normally two weddings are done to keep the field free from weeds. One is done in about 20-25 days of sowing and then second is done after 20-25 days of first weeding.
Weed Management
isoproturon 200g/acre and Glyphosate 600g/acre should be used before sowing the seeds to control the weeds.
Under irrigated conditions, the crop can be irrigated once in 10-15 days. First irrigation should be done after 30-35 days from germination and then second irrigation is done after 60-70 days from irrigation.
Harvesting Index
udged by the drying of leaves and red berries
entire plant is uprooted for roots, which are separated from the aerial parts by cutting the stem 1-2 cm above the crown.
Post Harvest Activities
the roots are separated from the plant and cut into smaller pieces i.e. 8-10cm in length and then it is air dried. After post harvesting, grading is done. The root pieces are stored in tin containers for sale.
Drugs prepared from Ashwagandha used for stress reliever, to treat senile dysfunction also used to control anxiety, depression, phobia, schizophrenia etc.
Shoot borer and mite
Neem seed kernel extract will have more effect on mites, Treat the seeds before sowing the Captan. To get rid from aphids combination of 0.5% malathion and 0.1% - 0.3% kelthane as foliar spray at 10-15 days interval should be done.
Seed rooting, seedling blight and leaf blight
leaf spot: To prevent the crop from disease it should be sprayed with Dithane M-45 at the rate of 3g/litre of water, when 30 days old and the spray should be repeated at 15days interval if the diseases persist.

Jawahar Asgandh-20