Scientific Name
Hordeum vulgarae
10-25 deg C
Terai to 4000m asl
Sowing Time
Terai and Inner Terai: Kartik 15 to Mangsir Last Mid Hills: Kartik 15 to 3rd week of Mangsir High Hills: Ashwin 1st week
Seed Rate
110-120 kg per ha if broadcasted and 90-100 kg/ha if line sown
Fertilizer Application
45:30:30 kg NPK/ha in irrigated and 30:30:0 in unirrigated land
Chenopodiun album (Bathua), Convolvulus arvensis (Hirankhuri), Anagalis arvensis (Krishna Neel),Cronopus didymus (Wild Carrot) Avena fatua (Wild Oat) Phalaris minor (Kanki)
30 DAS
Weed Management
2,4-D (Na-Salt 80%) 2,4-D (Easter 38%) at 30-35 day after sowing in 250 liters of water[Chenopodiun album (Bathua), Convolvulus arvensis (Hirankhuri), Anagalis arvensis (Krishna Neel),Cronopus didymus (Wild Carrot)] Isoproturan 75 % WP or Pendimethillin (Stomp) 30% EC 1250 gm and 3.75 litres at 30-35 day after sowing in 250 liters of water[Avena fatua (Wild Oat) Phalaris minor (Kanki)]
If irrigation available: 1st at Crown Root Initiation (25-30 Days After Sowing) 2nd at Panicle Emergence (65-70 Days After Sowing) and if only one irrigation available then at Tillering Stage (35-40 Days After Sowing)
Earthing up and Hoeing
Similar to weed management
Harvesting Index
Since barley has shattering character, it should be harvested before over ripening to avoid breaking of spikes due to dryness.
Barley crop gets ready for harvest by the end of March to first fortnight of April.
Post Harvest Activities
Barley grain absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and should be stored at an appropriate dry place to avoid storage pest losses
The barley has diverse use like for edible purposes or marketed for fermentation to prepare alcoholic beverages and other.
Among the insect-pests, aphid (Rhopalosiphum maidis) can be controlled by spraying of Methyl demeton 25 EC or Dimethoate 30 EC at 1,000 ml/ha or Imidacloprid 2 00 SL, at 100 ml/ha in 200 - 250 litres of water per ha. Systemic granular insecticides, viz. Phorate 10% or Disulfoton 5% should be used in seed furrows @ 0.5 to 1 kg a.i./ha to control the pest.

Wireworm, Armyworm and Grubs.
Desis @2ml per L
Powdery mildew caused by Erysiphe graminis can be controlled by d using fine sulphur (200 mesh) @ 15 - 20 kg/ha or 1% Karathane. Helminthosporium leaf spot diseases can be effectively controlled by spraying with copper fungicides or Dithane Z - 78.

Solu Uwa, Kech, Bonus, Galt