Scientific Name
Capsicum annum
5.5 to 6.8
Chilli - 20-30°C (Maximum growth at 25-27°C day and 18-20°C night temperature) Bell pepper – 18-22°C
20 to 30 inch annually
Sowing Time
(Sown as rainy, summer and winter crop) Chilli Bell pepper Terai: Bhadra-Ashwin Ashwin-Kartik Hill: Marg-Falgun Falgun-Chaitra High hills: Chaitra-Baishakh Jestha-Shrawan
Seed Rate
Chilli- 600-800 gm seeds per hectare, 4000 seedlings per ropani Bell pepper- 25-30 gm seeds per hectare, 2000 seedlings per ropani (250-300 gm hybrid chilli seeds are sufficient to transplant in one hectare under optimum management practices)
Fertilizer Application
Apply 25 tonnes of well decomposed FYM 2 weeks prior to planting
Rainfed – 25 kg Phosphorus/ha and 50 kg Nitrogen/ha (1/2 basal dose + 1/2 split dose)
Irrigated – 100:60:40 kg NPK/ha in 4 equal split doses (At the time of transplanting, 4th week, 11th week and 13th week AT)
Bell pepper requires more Nitrogen than chilli pepper So, apply @150:60:40 kg NPK/ha
2 to 3 shallow hoeing and earthing up, mulching, or application of weedicides Polyethylene mulch, deep ploughing, timely sowing, band or pocket application of Nitrogen, furrow irrigation, paired rows, intercropping, crop rotation are some common practices.
Weed Management
Chemically, we can apply some herbicides which include-
Preplanting – Alachlor @5kg/ha
Pre-emergence – Trifluralin @0.75kg/ha and Nitraline @3kg/ha
Post emergence – Basalin 2-2.5 litres/ha
Harvesting Index
Green matured chillies for fresh, local market and red dry ones for distant market and for canning purpose
60 to 65 days after flowering
Post Harvest Activities
Storage temperature: 5 to 10°C 7 to 10°C Humidity: 85 to 95% 95 to 98% Cooling: -0.7°C Shelf life: 2 to 3 weeks
Aphids, Thrips, Fruit borer, Broad mites, Mealy bug, Root knot nematode
Damping off, Leaf spot disease, Anthracnose, Leaf curl disease, Bacterial wilt, Blight

Bell pepper:

California (Terai, mid and high hills)

Wonder bell

Registered – Sagar, NS 632 F1


Jwala (Terai, mid and high hills)

Registered F1 – NS 1701, Karma 747, Karma 777, Nepa hot, Anna 3, Goli, Aakash, Big mama 3, Omega, Super tara, Marshal, Sudra, Premium, Naina