Finger Millet

Scientific Name
Eleusine coracana
350-400 mm
Terai to upto 7000 ft. hills
Sowing Time
High Hills: Jestha-Asar Mid Hills: Jestha-Shrawan Tars and Valleys: Baisakh-Asar Terai:Asar-Bhadra
Seed Rate
10-15 kg per ha. If to be sown by broadcasting in field and if Nuresery is to be prepared then 4-5 kg per ha
Fertilizer Application
40:20:20 NPK kg/ha for short duration varieties cultivated under rainfed conditions; 60:30:30 NPK kg/ ha for short & medium duration varieties cultivated under irrigated conditions.
Nitrogen is to be applied as two split 50% as basal and the remaining 50% as top dressing just before first hoeing and weeding so as to incorporate fertilizer into the soil. Entire P 2 O 5 and K 2 are to be applied at the time of sowing
Echinocloa, Cyperus
25-30 DAT if main crop and twice 2-3 weeks of age and 25 Days of first weeding if the crop is intercropped.
Weed Management
Early weeding of the direct seeded crop is essential for getting good yields.
The 1st hoeing & weeding is done @ 2 to 3 weeks after sowing. When necessary 2nd weeding may be done 15-20 days after irrigation.
In assured rainfall and irrigated areas : Pre-emergence spray: Isoproturon @ 0.5 kg a.i./ha. (Rainfed areas), Oxyflurofen @ 0.1 lta.i /ha (Irrigated areas)
Post-emergent spray; 2, 4 -D sodium salt @ 0.75 kg a.i./ha Spraying around 20- 25 days after sowing effectively control weeds.
Rainfed with proper drainage; Excess irrigation should be avoided. Rabi & Summer ragi should be irrigated at 20-25 days intervals.
Earthing up and Hoeing
Similar to weeding time
Harvesting Index
The grains become hard and Dark brown in color
The plants are cut with sickle and threshing is done to separate the grains/seeds from plant.
Post Harvest Activities
Plucked panicle/ Cut part if collected and condensed in Jute cover for 3-4 days and dried in the sun followed by proper threshing. Condensing the wet grains may lead to rotting of grains so harvesting during dew and rain is prohibited
The millets have diverse use like for making famous Dhindo or marketed for fermentation to prepare alcoholic beverages and other.
Stem borer : spray nursery bed once at 15-20 days after germination with Chloropyriphos or Monocrotophos @ 40ml/ 10 cm nursery area.
Before transplanting apply Phorate @ 0.5kg or Carbofuran 3G 1.2 kg/ha.
Aphids- Spray Methyl Demeton @1000 ml/ha at pre flowering stage.
Ear caterpillars- Dust crop with Malathion 5% @ 25 kg/ha
blast caused by Pyriculariagrisea is the major problem (By growing resistant varieties like GPU 28, GPU 26 and GPU 48.
Treating seeds with fungicides like carbendazim @ 2g/kg a day before sowing
If necessary spraying the nursery with carbendazim (0.05%) or kitazin (0.1%) or Ediphefos (0.1%) or Saaf (0.2%)
Spray any of the above fungicides at 50 per cent flowering and repeat 10 days later if Kitazin or Ediphenfos were used to control neck and finger blast.)

Other diseases affecting the crop are mottle streak & streak virus, foot rot ( Sclerotiumrolfsii ), downy mildew or green ear (Sclerosporamacrospora ), grain smut ( Melanopsichiumeleusinis )

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