Scientific Name
Arachis hypogaea
5.5 to 7.0
opt: 30oc, not below 15oc and above 35oc
evenly distributed rainfall of 400-500 mm
upto an altitude of 1000 metres
Sowing Time
as a rainfed kharif crop, being sown from May to June
Seed Rate
eed requirement of bunch type groundnut is 100-110 kg/h a while a seed rate of 95-100 kg/ha spacing; recommended is 45 cm x 10 cm or 30 cm x 15 cm
Fertilizer Application
20-40:40-90:(20-40) kg/ha NPK/ha
gypsum @250kg/ha
sulphur @30kg/ha

Amaranthusviridis (JangliChaulai) Boerhaaviadiffusa (Vishakhapra) Cyperusrotundus (Motha) Cyperusesculentus (Yellow nut sedge) Cynodondactylon (Doob grass)
Hand weeding is done twice, first around 20 days af ter sowing and second at about 35 days after sowing
Weed Management
Pendimethalin @1.0-2.0 kg a.i./ha Pre-emergence
Oxyfluorfen @0.25-0.50 kg a.i./ha
no necessity for irrigation or rainfall up to 25 days after emergence ; Flowering (20-40 DAS), pod formation and developmen t (40-70 DAS) and pod filling and maturation (70-100 DAS) are most sensitive to s oil moisture stress
Earthing up and Hoeing
Intercultivation usually starts around 10 days afte r emergence and continues up to 35 DAS at 7– 10 days interval till pegging begins
Harvesting Index
harvesting should be do ne when 75 - 80% of pods are fully mature. The important indications of maturity are y ellowing of foliage, dropping of old leaves, pods become very ha rd and tough
pull the plants, shed off the extra soil. hang the plants in sunlight to dry for two weeks and remove the pods.
Post Harvest Activities
store in well ventillated mesh bags. can be roasted or boiled.
extensive use as a cooking medium both as refined oil and Vanaspati Ghee
Aphids, Red hairy caterpiller, Termites, Leaf -miner
Dusting B.H.C 10% on the young larve or spraying Metasystox) 0.05% on grown up catrepillers is recomended for controlling the red hairy caterpiller. Spot-treatment with Phorate or Mephospholan granules at the rate of 1.5 kg a.i. per ha into the soil before planting is recomended for controlling the white grub
Bud-rot, Collar-rot, Mosaic, Rosette, Tikka disease,
treat the seed with Thiram or Captan 3 g/kg of seed, Control aphids and jassids with an insecticidal spray to arrest the spread of the disease

Baidehi (Terai, Inner Terai)

Rajharshi (Terai, Inner Terai)

Jayanti (Terai, Inner Terai & Mid hill)

Jyoti (Terai, Inner Terai & Mid hill)

Janak (Terai, Inner Terai & Mid hill)

B-4 (Terai, Inner Terai & Mid hill)