Scientific Name
Brassica Campestris
15° C to 25° C temperature is suitable. For germination stightly high tempratine (27° C) and for growth low temperature is required
areas having 75 to 100cm altitude
Sowing Time
September - October to February - March.
Seed Rate
10-15 Kg/ha
Fertilizer Application
Apply 15 - 20 tonnes of FYM or compost at the time of field preparation.
i. Unirrigated: 40kg nitrogen, 20kg phosphate and 20kg potash.
ii. Irrigated: 40kg nitrogen, 30kg phosphate and 40kg potash.
Chenopo dium album (bathua), Lathyrus spp. (chatrimatri), Melilotus indica (senji), Cirsium arvense (kateli), Fumaria parviflora (gajri) and Cyperus rotundus (motha)
Weeding and thinning out should be done after third week of sowing. Another weeding should be done in the 6th week of sowing.
Weed Management
application of Nitrofen at the rate of 1-1.5 kg a.i. per hectare or Isoproturon 1 kg a.i. per hectare in 800-1000 litres of water as pre-emergence spray; Spray 2.2 lit fluchlorolin 45 EC mixed with 800lit of water per hectare. After spraying mix the top soil by hoeing.
Two irrigations at pre - bloom and pod filling stages are beneficial.
Earthing up and Hoeing
hand hoeing and thinning out should be done after third week of sowing
Harvesting Index
As soon as the pods turn yellowish - brown, harvest the crop. The crop is liable to shattering, so no delay harvest.
Post Harvest Activities
The harvested crop should be stacked in threshing floor for - 6 days before threshing. The threshed grain is separated from the husk with the help of slow moving natural air current. Cleaned seed must be dried in the sun for four to five days or till the moisture content comes down to 8 percent.mustard has a storage life of 6 - 9 months or sometimes even longer.
rapeseed is produced for birdseed and oil for industrial purposes. Industrial varieties of rapeseed are used for non-edible purposes such as lubricants, hydraulic fluids and plastics
Mustard Sawfly, Mustard aphid, painted bug, cabbage butterfly.
Malathion 50 E.C. in 700 litres of water per hectare or Dimecron 100 ml per hectare; Use healthy seeds for sowing.
Alternaria Blight, Downy Mildew, White Blister
To control white rust and powdery mildew treat 1kg with 1.5gms metalaxyl, Use seed with high germination (over 90%). Swath badly infected crops early to minimize shattering losses and seed shrinkage due to black spot.

Krishna (Terai, Inner Terai)

Pusa Bold (Terai, Inner Terai)