Scientific Name
Solanum tuberosum
5 to 5.5
Maximum 30-32°C and minimum 18-20°C Young plants - 24°C Later stage - 18°C Tuber production - 20°C
Sowing Time
Teri, inner terai, basins and valleys – Ashoj-Mangsir Mid hills – Poush-Marg High hills – Falgun-Chaitra
Seed Rate
20-25 quintals per hectare Cut seed or small whole tuber (Saves labor for cutting, prevents seed from rotting in early crop) of ½ to 2 ounces’ size
Plant to plant – 20-25cm Row to row – 60-70cm (Provide extra spacing for large varieties) Depth of planting: 4 inches
Fertilizer Application
Apply 20-30 tonnes of well decomposed FYM 2 weeks prior to planting and at the time of planting
Fertilizers: 150-200kg Nitrogen in 3 split application (at basal (1/2) and then twice at the time of earthing up), 75-100kg Phosphorus 150-175kg Potassium, 90kg CaO, and 30kg MgO.
Weed Management
Polyethylene mulch to prevent weeds in rainfed conditions
Hand weeding when the plants are small
Pendimethalin (0.5kg/ha) – pre-emergence
Alachlor – 1-1.5kg/ha
Simazine – 0.5kg/ha
Deep ploughing, timely sowing, band or pocket application of Nitrogen, furrow irrigation, paired rows, intercropping, crop rotation are some common practices.

First light irrigation immediately after planting, drip irrigation can be adapted Then after 30 days in 1-week interval, decrease irrigation after tuber formation Moderate soils – 3 to 4 irrigation Sandy soil – 8 to 12 irrigation
Earthing up and Hoeing
When the plants are 15-22cm high Two weeks after first earthing
Harvesting Index
Haulms start yellowing and falling on the ground
15 days after cutting the haulms (dehaulming) start harvesting – 60-70 DAP Mature potatoes – 15 weeks after planting
Epilachna beetles, cutworms, Aphids, Leaf hoppers, White grub, Potato tuber moth
Late blight, Early blight, Black scurf, Bacterial wilt and brown rot, wart disease, mosaic, leaf roll, Common scab

Cuphijyoti (high hill, mid hills)

Cuphrisundari (terai, inner terai, river basins, valley)

Dejire, Janakdev, Khumal seto 1, Khumal rato 2, Khumal laxmi, IPY8, Khumal ujjwal, Khumal upahar

Registered – TPS 1, TPS 2

True potato seed/Seedling tuber – HPS 11/67, HPS 7/67, HPS 1/13