Scientific Name
Sesamum indicum
5.5 to 8.2
rainfall of 625-1100mm
tropical and subtropical areas up to an elevation of about 1200 metres
Sowing Time
May - June
Seed Rate
2 - 4 kg/ha
Fertilizer Application
Basal application of 4 t of FYM, 16-8-8 Kg N:P, 2O-5 K2O/ha and top dress 6 kg N 30-35 DAS and 60-65 DAS
Corchorus olitorius, Amaranthus viridis, Chloris barbata, cynodon, cyperus, celosia
two weedings, one after 15 DAS and another 35 DAS are required
Weed Management
If necessary, Alachlor (1.0) or Thiobencarb (2.0) can be used as PRE spray for effective control of weeds. Use of PRE herbicides followed by on hand weeding around 30 DAS is the most appropriate way of weed management in sesame.
at 7 day interval
Earthing up and Hoeing
2 - 4 ploughings and leveling with 2 harrowings adopting 30x15 cm spacing, Thinning should be done 15 DAS and harrowing at 20 - 25 DAS
Harvesting Index
Harvest when 75% pods turn yellow in a spike
one of the gentlest crops on harvesting, snap the main stem over a finger or invert the capsule and press the capsule between your fingers cracking the capsule to release the seed
Post Harvest Activities
Thresh after drying for 5 - 6 days and store the seed with 8% moisture
Semilooper and pod borer, Gallfly, Bihari hairy caterpillar
Spray Monocrotophos
Alternria, phyllody, powdery mildew, root and stem rot
Treat the seed with Thiram or Captan or Carbendazim @ 3 g/kg.
* Spray Copper oxy chloride or Mancozeb3g/l.
Removal and destruction of affected plants

Nawalpur Khairo Til (Terai, Inner Terai)

Nawalpur Jhuse Til (Terai, Inner Terai)