Scientific Name
Ocimum oC
high rainfall
adequate humidity
upto 900 m
Sowing Time
mid february
Seed Rate
For sowing of one hectare about 300g of seeds are required
rows 90cm apart at rate of 12 to 15 every 30 cm and cover with soil cover seeds with ¼ inch compost ; sow depth of 2 cm and transplanted at a spacing of 40 × 40 cm, 40 × 50 cm and 50 × 30 cm
Fertilizer Application
Farm yard manure / compost are to be applied at 10 t/ha before planting.
Regarding the inorganic fertilizers application of 120:60:60 kg/ha of NPK is recommended
Half the dose of N and the entire dose of P2O5 and K2O should be given as a basal dose, the remaining N is applied in two split doses after first and second cuttings.
first weeding is done one month after planting the second after another 30 days.
Weed Management
no chemical fertilizers used
rrigation is provided twice a week till one month so that the plants establish themselves well. Later, it is given at weekly interval depending upon the rainfall and soil moisture status.
Earthing up and Hoeing
One hoeing and earthing up operation is required at two months after planting.
Harvesting Index
The first harvest is done after 90 days of planting and subsequently it may be harvested at every 75 days interval.
The crop is harvested at full bloom stage by cutting the plants at 15 cm from ground level to ensure good regeneration for further harvests. The yield and oil content is more in plants harvested during bring sunny days.