Scientific Name
Triticum aestivum
10-25 deg C
500-875 mm
1500-2900m asl
Sowing Time
Hills: Bhadra-Ashoj Mid-Hills: Kartik-Poush Tars and Valleys: Kartik-Mangsir Terai: Kartik-Poush
Seed Rate
Last Week of Mangsir: 4 kg per Kattha Upto 2nd week of Poush: 4.5 kg per kattha From 2nd week of Poush to end of Poush: 5 kg per Kattha
Fertilizer Application
100:50:25 kg NPK per ha for irrigated
50:50:20 kg NPK per ha for unirrigated land resp.
35-40 DAS
Weed Management
2,4-D @2g per L water and 20L solution per kattha at 35-40 DAS
Apply Pendimethalin @ 1000 g/ha at 0-3 days after sowing in 500-600 litres of water/ha as pre-emergence.
For control of mixed weed population Sulfosulfuron @ 25.0 g/ha in 250-300 litres of water/ha can be sprayed at 30-35 days after seeding. In resistance free area, combination of 2,4-D @ 500 g/ha and isoproturon @ 750 g /ha can also be used.
For control grassy weeds only Clodinafop @ 60 g/ha or Fenoxaprop-ethyl @ 100 g/ha) in 250-300 litres of water/ha should be applied.
If only broadleaved weeds are present then apply 2,4-D @ 500 g/ha or Metsulfuron methyl @ 4 g/ha in 250-300 litres of water/ha
Crown root initiation stage 21 DAS and during flowering(at least these 2) or may be increased to more numbers as per availability of water.
Earthing up and Hoeing
Along with weed management
Harvesting Index
Spike becomes yellow(in most varieties) and awn less spiky. Grains solid and stem hollow.
During morning time by help of manual labour i.e by sickle or by machine
Post Harvest Activities
Stored in cold store with protection from rats
Grains are seperated from the cob and marketed in different forms
Army worm/cut worm
Pink stem borer
Ghujhia weevil
Root-knot nematode
American pod borer
Termites(chlorpyriphos @ 0.9g a.i or endosulfan @ 2.4g a.i/kg seed, be taken up for their management. Seed treatment with thiamethoxam 70WS (Cruiser 70WS) @ 0.7 g a.i./kg seed or Fipronil (Regent 5FS @ 0.3 g a.i./kg seed) is also very effective.)

T.viride (@4g/kg seed) + carboxin (75WP @1.25g/kg seed) or tebuconazole (@ 1.0g/kg seed) for the control of loose smut, followed by broadcast of insecticide treated soil (with endosulfan 35 EC @ 2.3L or chloropyriphos @ 3L/ha) at 15DAS for termites. For the management of aphids, foliar spray of imidacloprid 200SL @20g a.i./ha on border rows at the start of the aphid colonization be given. This will help in protection of the bioagent insect, the lady bird beetle inside the field which feeds on aphids
Loose smut: [seed treatment should be done with T. viride @ 4 g / Kg seed in combination with carboxin (Vitavax 75 WP) @ 1.25 g / Kg seed or tebuconazole (Raxil 2 DS) @ 1.0 g / Kg seed. Seed treatment with T. viride alone @ 4 g / Kg seed is also helpful as it reduces the rust severity.]

Karnal bunt: [ one spray of propiconazole (Tilt 25EC) @ 0.1 % (1 ml in 1 Litre water) may be given (in seed crop only) at ear head emergence stage. Two sprays of biocontrol fungus, Trichoderma viride, one before ear head emergence, followed by another spray at ear head emergence stage, provide a non-chemical (biological control) management of disease. One spray of T.viride, followed by one spray of propiconazole (25EC) @ 0.1 % at ear head emergence stage can be given to attain near complete control. Similarly, two sprays of propiconazole, give complete control of KB.]

Powdery mildew: [ one spray of propiconazole (Tilt 25 EC) @ 0.1 % at ear head emergence or appearance of disease (whichever is earlier) is recommended for the powdery mildew prone areas.]

Swargadwari( mid and high hills; 700-1400m asl) 

Baand Ganga(Terai, Tars; 700m asl)

Danfe(mid and high hills)

 Tilotama(Terai and Inner Terai),

Dhaulagiri(mid and high hills),

Gaura(Mid and high hills),

Bijaya(Terai, Tars and 500m asl),

Aditya(Terai, Tars and 500m asl),

Gautam(Terai, Tars and Valleys),

Kanti(Most Hill areas),

Pashang Lhamu(Mid Hills of KTM and Jumla),

Rohini(Terai, tars  and less than 1000m asl),

Achyut(Terai, tars  and less than 1000m asl)