Catalogue Type
Livestock, Poultry and Fish Breeds Catalogue
Scientific Name
Pangasius hypophthalmus
Distinguishing Characters
Body is elongated and laterally compressed, without any scale.
 Head relatively small.
Head and abdomen are flat
Head is slightly granulated above
Snout is fairly prominent.
Mouth is sub-terminal; upper jaw is longer than the lower jaw
Mouth broad with small sharp teeth on jaw, vomerine and palatal bones.
Two pairs of barbels, upper shorter than the lower
Cleft of mouth is used to reach opposite the centre of front edge of the eye.
Eyes are in the anterior half of the head, partly on the lower surface of head.
Eyes relatively large
Six branched dorsal-fin rays.
First dorsal fin is with a moderately strong spine which is strongly serrated on its inner edge but finely serrated on its outer edge.
Adipose dorsal fin is short
Pectoral fin spine is serrated, strong and as long as dorsal spine.
Anal fin is large and well developed.
pairsCaudal fin is deeply forked; upper lobe is slightly the longer.
Caudal fin is bright yellow
Young fish have black stripe along lateral line and another long black stripe below lateral line.
Adults uniformly grey but sometimes with greenish tint and sides silvery.
Fins dark grey or black.
Large Dark stripe on middle of anal fin and dark stripe in each caudal lobe.

Photo of Livestock/Poultry/Fish Breed