Rainbow trout

Catalogue Type
Livestock, Poultry and Fish Breeds Catalogue
Scientific Name
Oncorhynchus mykiss
Distinguishing Characters
Body laterally compressed with adipose fin proximate to caudal peduncle.
Body fusiform and oval in cross section.
Dark olive or green on the back, silver, bronze or olive on the sides, and cream below.
Dorsal and tail fins tan, olive, or gray.
Scales silvery to yellow-green on top of back with red-pink band along lateral line.
Dark brown to black spots on head, body, dorsal fin and tail.
Dorsal rays soft.
Mouth and snout: Terminal, large and slightly oblique
Numerous small to medium-sized teeth on the upper and lower jaws.
No barbels.
Lining of mouth cavity white.
Basibranchial teeth absent.
Nearly square tail with slight fork.
Adipose fin spotted but not edged in red or orange.

Photo of Livestock/Poultry/Fish Breed