San Jose Scale(स्याउमा लाग्ने कत्ले कीरा )

Catalogue Type
Plant Pests Catalogue
Scientific Name
Quadraspidiotus perniciosus
Distinguishing Characters
The body of adult female is yellow and is covered with a rounded dark gray scale up to two millimetres in diameter. Over the course of two months, yellow crawlers are born viviparously and emerge from the back of the test at the rate of two or three a day. In bad weather they gather under their mother's scale. The crawlers disperse to other parts of the plant and start feeding. They moult after about ten days and begin to lose their eyes, legs and antennae. The adult female appears after the next moult and the scale develops, incorporating the larval exuviae. The development of the male involves three moults. The male nymph is more elongate than the female and the adult male is orange coloured and has wings. It lives only for a few hours.
Host Crop
Photo of Insect
Photo of Damaged Crop